serrapeptaseIn the United States, anti-inflammatory medications are a common over the counter item for pain and discomfort which unfortunately may have some bothersome side effects.  There is, however: a natural supplement, Serrapeptase that is becoming quite popular in the United States. Doctors in Europe and Asia have successfully prescribed this enzyme for many years.

Serrapeptase, extracted from the gut of silkworms, is a proteolytic enzyme, which means that it digests protein without harming living tissue. In nature, this enzyme digests the cocoon of the silkworm to free the butterfly. Researchers have discovered that Serrapeptase acts similar to NSAID without the harmful  side effects. Another attribute of this enzyme is that it literally destroys plaque build-up in arteries, thus preventing a heart attack or stroke. Because it is a natural enzyme, it works efficiently to prevent inflammation, heart attack and stroke. Check out

Europeans and Asians have enjoyed the benefits of Serrapeptase for over 25 years. It has proven effective in dissolving blood clots, arterial plaque and cysts. It is helpful for sprains and postoperative swelling because it thins and drains the fluids at the injury site efficiently.

Serrapeptase has been found to be extremely effective for many ailments with no known side effects. Because of it outstanding attributes, US doctors are beginning to recognize its significance for many disorders. Your health care provider can assist you in determine if  Serrapeptase would be helpful for your situation. You can see what others have to say about this natural enzyme at Serrapeptase Facebook.